Kijo Ehon no Sato - Kijo Picture Book Village-

Kijo Picture Book Village is located in KIjo-cho, Ishikawachi, in the beautiful mountain side of Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan.

There are 15,000 picture books from all over the world in the library. We have a Playhouse for family audiences, cafe, Bookshop. and cottages for use as an accommodation.

The Village holds exhibitions, workshops, music concerts, theatres, summer camp and many more interesting events every year.
Another unique project is `Green Cradle Bank' in which people deposit seeds of trees and flowers to preserve woods and nature.

Kijo Picture book Village is a place to encounter books, wild flowers, plants, small creatures, the wind, the stars and the darkness of night. We would be very pleased if we can encourage children to cultivate their sense of wonder in the beautiful nature surrounding Kijo.
It is a magical place for everybody to enjoy a great day out or retreat.

Opening Times/ 
10.00am ? 17.00pm  (last entry 16.30)

Mondays  (except national holidays),
the day after of national holiday

*There are some closing days for new exhibitions. <展示替え休館>
Please contact us or check  schedule

Entry Fare
/  300yen ( from school children) * different rates for period of special events

/  10,000yen for each cottage

                + 1,000yen ( each adult, +high school)

                  500yen (each school child)

                  250yen (each 3-5 year old )

               Check in 3pm  Check out 11am

It is about a ten-mat room with a little kitchen and a bathroom. There are some Futons, plates, glasses and ordinary equipment for cooking.

Please bring own amenity and chopsticks or knife-and-forks. BBQ is welcome if you bring own equipment. If you arrive after 5pm, please let us know.

Tel 0983-39-1141 (any inquiry by phone; Japanese only)
Fax 0983-39-1182

 e-mail (any inquiry in English, please email us )

/  475 Ishikawachi, Kijo-cho, Miyazaki-ken, Japan  884-0104

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